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A pixel-art chicken character asset pack for 2D sidescrollers and platformers.

15 Animations: Sit, Idle, Idle_blink, Peck, Walk, Fright, Run, Takeoff, Fly, Attack_air, Attack_ground, Fall, Land, Hurt, Die.

Individual PNG spritesheets and GIFs provided for each animation.

Feel free to use for commercial projects and modify the character if needed. Please use SeethingSwarm If you want to credit me. Do not resell or give away the assets individually. These assets are not to be openly distributed. Thank you!

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Tags2D, animal, Animals, bird, Chicken, farm, hen, Pixel Art, Sprites, wild


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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chickenpack_assets.zip 31 kB


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All your packs looks lovely :) are you going to make baby chicks? and maybe some eggs


Thank you :) Oh that's not a bad idea, not sure if I'll get the time any time soon, but I'll keep it in mind.

hey bro . iam a beginner pixel artist and i saw your beautiful design for this chicken and do something similar.. i didnt steel or take the rights.. and my game is non-profit... so would you allow me to use them ? ❤️

i make a different animations by my self

Hi there, you are welcome to use this chicken in any of your projects, even commercial ones :)

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These chickens are so cute, beautiful, lovely, brave, and strong!
One inconvenience was that the resources were provided only in continuous sheets per animation. 
If it was also provided as a frame-by-frame image, it would be convenient for more developers to use.
One of my dreams is to conquer the world with chickens. 
I'm so happy to take a step forward in my dream.
Thank you!

Hi, thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you like the chicken!

Are you thinking of making a farm animal line? (i.e., cows, Bulls, Donkeys, Horses, sheep, or goats)

I love your sprites for animals! So amazing and well done. I secretly hope you never stop X)

Oh thank you! I'm so glad you like my sprites :) There are a lot of animals I want to make, but I'm just swamped with other projects and things in life. I usually make an asset pack when I have a tiny bit of free time and strength left. Hopefully I can find the time to make more in the future.

You can upload this assets for free please i dont have any money

what is the size of the pixel-art?

Each frame is 40 x 40 pixels. The chicken itself is about 19 pixels high on average.

Gah these are so cute

Oh thank you! I'm a fan of your stuff too. I especially love your cute axolotl, your pigeons and garden birds <3 

Deleted 329 days ago

Thanks! :) Let me know if there are any specific animals you would want. I can't guarantee that I'll make them, but I'm open to suggestions.

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I always request raccoons, and I think it will fit well with the theme so far. 

Maybe also a female character of some sort. See some suggestions that follow;

1. An adventurer or something, attacks with a whip? 

2. A witch with magic spells? 

3. A princess with a really cool rapier? 

Pirate! You have a ninja. 

The above is more what I really want to see and use. The below is more things I could use. 


Ferret, squirrel, chipmunk 


Horse, deer, zebra, moose.



Even more dogs/wolves. 

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely keep them in mind.

These are great!! any plans to ever add up and down direction animations :)

Thanks! :)  Up and down? No plans for that, but I'm not entirely sure what you mean. For a top-down game I presume? Sorry, I make all my assets in mind for platformers and sidescrollers, not sure if I'll ever add up and down animations, but I'll keep it in mind.

Yes! Thanks for the chicken :)

Oh, you're welcome! :)