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A pixel-art kitten character pack for 2D sidescrollers and platformers.

These are basically smaller, kitten versions of the original CATSET pack and can work well as their babies or young versions of them, but this KITTENS pack can also work standalone if you're looking for smaller cats in your project.

17 Animations for 5 different kittens: Sit, Idle, Idle Blink, Walk, Run, Jump, Fall, Land, Dash, Crouch, Sneak, Attack, Hurt, Die, Wallgrab, Wallclimb and Liedown.

Individual PNG spritesheets and GIFs provided for each animation.

Feel free to use for commercial projects and modify the character if needed. Please use SeethingSwarm If you want to credit me. Do not resell or give away the assets individually. These assets are not to be openly distributed. Thank you!

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Tags2D, Animals, cat, Cats, kitten, kittens, pet, Pixel Art, Side Scroller


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6 USD. You will get access to the following files:

kittens_assets.zip 154 kB

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I have used your brown cat from "catset kittens" in my animated short, I have a special thanks section at the end of the credit section, and I would like to know if I can add your name in their as "seethingswarm" or any other way.

Thank you.

These are just too cute! I used them in my new game Luna's Labyrinth! The silver cat with the pink ears is Luna. <3


Oooh nice! Luna's Labyrinth looks great and the kittens look like they fit in there pretty nicely :)


Hi am just asking if u can make something like this for free. Because I am trying to master Scratch and i don't wanna pay money to get nothing, so can u make omething like this for free.



Hi there, when you buy my asset packs, you don't pay money for nothing. I put my assets on sale every now and then, and I could do it again if you'd like to buy something at a discount :) Just trying to survive here. Thanks!


I would buy them but the problem is am broke... and I am not getting money out of it so am losing money, thanks for replying


Thats not how services work. These are high quality assets. If you are wanting some cat sprites, learn to draw! Or, you could make your game using placeholder sprites, then save the $6 over the time of making your game and you can buy the assets

Also bought this along with the CatSet. Hoping to finish my game the soonest hehe

Oh nice! Thanks for the support and enjoy the kittens :)


Howdy, I made extensive use of this sprite sheet and the CatSet sprite sheet in my game Synesthesia. I’m a big fan of your work. It’s always sleek, readable, and expressive. Thanks for putting your work out there.


Oh thanks, and you're welcome! Synesthesia is really fun to play. I posted a tiny review in the comments section :)

Very cute and exactly what I was looking for! Thanks, and keep up the great work seetingswarm. I look forward to seeing more of your work. :)


That's great! I'm glad these kittens helped you out and thanks for the kind words :)


Thought I'd give an update on how things went...

A while ago, we've built a virtual 2d environment for our employer where people can interact with each other during the pandemic. It's effectively an adventure game where people can explore an office building recreated in a 2d videogame, with plenty of hidden secrets to find and quests to complete for achievements and bragging rights.

Because we have a lot of cat-lovers in the company, there were a number of requests to include cats. At that point in time we had no proper sprites (creating energetic cats is a challenge) and we weren't entirely sure whether we were going to have cat NPC's run around or if we were going to use decorative sprites only. We of course wanted the former, no cat is stationary. Aside of that, we hoped to have the cats look like some of the actual real-life cats owned by those cat-lovers.

It's an understatement to say that using your spriteset was a great success. For us devs, it was easy to get started with the sprites, both implementation and pixelart wise. We got cats in the game much quicker than we expected. Then when the night happened, people absolutely ADORED the cats. I don't know how many fun comments we got on the cats and how they looked, but safe to say they were one of the highlights of the night.

So again, thank you. Your work made our night. Please keep doing what you do.

Oh this story just warms my heart, thank you for sharing <3


your work is awesome! but, maybe you can make something free?


Thanks for the compliment!

I'll think about it, but to be honest here; I'm selling these assets for dirt cheap while struggling to buy food and pay rent. This is definitely not my only income, but I'm poor as hell. Providing 16 animations for the price of a coffee already feels bad enough.

I know there are many artists here who have free assets, and perhaps it's a good way to get followers and to sell priced assets, and it's just generally awesome, so I'll consider it... but it feels bad when you're already selling your stuff for almost nothing, and then people still ask to get your hard work for free.

Im sorry if you felt bad

It's ok, sorry if I sounded bitter.

Deleted 1 year ago

Omg this is the best, loving the tiny kittens 😍

Oh thank you that's awesome, I'm glad you like it <3

You're awesome for this! I'll be snatching this later tonight :)

Oh nice, thank you :)