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I have a question .. could you make an animation where she flies also? I think is the cutest dog ever and I am making a game for my kids

Hi wich is the sizes of the doggy?

Each animation is 60 x 60 pixels. The doggy is about 40 pixels wide and 30 pixels high, but it differs depending on the animation.

I can tell by the length of the tail that you are a german shepherd owner too lol.


I have a bicolor with a serious voidboy face :)

Great looking pack. But for anyone who is wondering, this is only left and right anims, in case you were looking for 4 dir. Don't be a dummy like me, and read the description lol.


I know its probably not what you want to hear but we're just using the dash movement for up and down. In a platform environment this is just fine. 

This was pretty obviously not a top-down pack :)

What is the license?

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This work is licenced under a CC BY 4.0 license. You may use this asset pack in commercial projects. You may also edit/modify the art to your liking. You can pretty much do whatever you want, but you may NOT sell (or give away) the assets individually. You also don't need to credit me if you don't want to, but if you do, use SeethingSwarm. Thanks!

exactly what i was looking for :) Great work

Nice, thanks :)


please make the mega-pack x'D


Hi, not exactly sure what you mean with megapack, but I just added 5 new animations for the doggy :)

sorry cuz I did not make it clear. I hope you will create a bundle of all animals in 1 pack to instantly buy


Oh ok! At the moment I only have 3 animal packs and unfortunately I'm not that fast, but I'm busy on a fourth one. Probably one day when there are enough animals I'll put them all in a bundle for a discount.

You did a great job :)

Oh thank you! :)