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Hello! I sent a msg for you buddy in your other medias hoping to be answer, but no success haha. I need to know if I can hire your services for other chars. Send me a msg, please =)

Hi there, I have barely been active online during this xmas and new years period, but I'll get back at it soon. I received your messages on facebook and I'll reply to you early next week as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for showing interest in my work, it means a lot! Happy New Year!

hey, recently purchased this and wanted to pm you about maybe getting more sprites from you. let me know if you are interested. :)

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Hi! Firstly, thank you for purchasing CATSET! It means a lot. I'm not sure if I have the time for commissioned work to be honest. I'm super busy struggling with getting my own projects off the ground, but I am flattered and interested. As you probably know, commissions will be a bit more pricey than this catset which is available to everyone. Feel free to send me a direct message on twitter and we can chat there. My facebook page is also an option :)



I believe your dms are not set to public on Twitter so if you want to follow me back or set them to open then I will hit you up, name is similar to here just full first name, @benjaminlloyd50

Oh sorry, DMs are set to public now.


I love this CATSET! Animations are so cat-like and realistic 😻

Oh thank you, so nice to know, glad you like it :)


Well done mate, seems to be a great work, I'll keep you an eye. Keep going.

Awesome, thanks!

This cat is really amazing ! Nice style, nice animations. We want to see more from you !

Oh nice, thanks! Glad you like it :) It was fun to bring this little kitty to life and hopefully I'll get the time to make more assets in the future.


I'm a pixel artist myself, so don't really need to purchase art assets. However had to comment, this is so coooool lol!

Oh, well thanks for the kind words! It means a lot :)

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