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Hi, I'm considering using assets as a skin on my game. So I'm going to make one cat skin free to use. And for the other ones, the user has to pay for it. Is it possible?

Yes, as long as you're not giving access to the assets themselves, you are free to use them in any project, private or commercial, in any way you please.

hello! was wondering if these would be useable in our online game-like web app for pets for our users, we have also disabled right click to save image

Hi there! Yes, as long as you're not giving access to the assets, you are free to use them in any project, private or commercial.

This is cute, I like it!

Oh thank you :)


can i take it for free i want to make my first game

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No. There are so many free assets out there, even right here on itch. Just look around and you'll find something cool and free to make your first game with :)

Hi! Great animations. I bought and created "Desktop Pet Project" app on steam with them. Very good quality. Needed something like that and this perfectly fit.

Nice! I'm so glad these assets fit your project :)

Hello!! Bought and used this catset prominently in my game jam game here! This asset pack really brought out the charm and expressiveness the game needed, couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thanks! (Theme was Cats and Guns) 

Oh that's so great and pretty cool concept for a game! I'm glad you're happy with your purchase :)

Bought and used the cat from this lovely asset pack in my game.

That's awesome! :)

Thank you! I included you in the credits too!

Hey! I used your cat to make this little project :
I added you to credits, let me know if that is okay or should I adjust anything? And as for source code - it is on my github, but no worries, all cat-files are hidden :D Its not commercial, private project for fun. 

Oh nice! Yes of course it's okay :) 

This was saved in my collection for a looong time and I have finally convinced myself to buy it. Looking forward to finishing my game. Will comment back here when its done (after 6 months, maybe hehe) 

Ah ok, thanks for purchasing and good luck with the rest of development :) Hopefully catset fits nicely into your game.

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Hello. I just purchased, and unfortunatelly it seem to be lurry. Can we fix it somehow?

EDIT: FIXED. It was Godot's problem. For Godot 4+ users: disabling Fix Alpha Border fixed blurry problem.

My cat is now sharp and super cute ❤️

Hmm, which game dev software are you using? The blurriness of the sprite looks like it's probably because of your import settings. And yes, Catset is small. All the sprite sizes are 40 x 40 pixels to accommodate all the animations, but the cat itself is usually about 19 pixels wide and 17 pixels tall.

I am using Godot Engine. What import settings would you recommend? On your youtube video cats are quite big and not blurry

I also use Godot :) I've made the example videos for all of my assets in Godot as well. The canvas size is 160 x 90 pixels, and when you make it full-screen it's nice and big. If you're making a game I'd recommend a slightly bigger screen size, perhaps 320 x 180 to give the cat some space and to fit the widest range of high resolutions, but that's entirely up to you and depends on what type of game you want to make.

Oh, and check this short video out to see how to fix your blurry sprites. It explains it all pretty well, but if you need more information I'd suggest just googling about it and see what comes up. There are a lot of vidoes and info about this and all other things about Godot out there.

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Thank you very much, that's perfect !

For Godot 4+ users: disabling Fix Alpha Border fixed blurry problem. 

And by the way : those cats are so amazing and cute, i love them, thanks for sharing them with us 🐈

Oh you're welcome and thank you! Glad I could help :)

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I was going to say if you were in unity. To make sure you have it set to no point filter but since you're using a different game engine and you already figured out the issue this doesn't mean too much other than stating this fact

Well, maybe it's good in case some Unity devs have the same issue and end up reading this, so thanks!


Hello, I'm writing a plugin to show pets in the neovim editor, is it okay if I include your assets, the plugin being open source? Thank you!

As long as you don't give access to the spritesheets/gifs themselves, you are free to use my assets in any project :)

Hey! Someone in my project asked if it was okay to have your assets included in my plugin's source code, since it is open source and therefore accessible. I thought it was fine but I just want to make sure, my intention was never to give away your assets for free... Here is a link to my plugin. In my plugin's license I also specified that the assets are not included for free use. If you are not okay with this, I will remove your assets from the project or will delete the whole project and will be available to refund you however I can. Thank you :')


This is what I was afraid of. Your plugin provides free access to my assets for free to everyone. I'd love to say yes just keep them in there, but it is threatening my survival as an incredibly poor artist. Since it is open source, I guess there is no way to restrict access to the assets themselves, so I will kindly ask that you remove them from there asap. I'm sorry.

Thank you for being open and honest about this. I really appreciate it.

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You should probably be more clear about your expectations. It seems like not everyone understands how to use your assets. Look at the media folder. In it there is a folder 'cat' that is essentially just the zip you're selling.

I just opened an issue on that repo. We'll see where it goes.

Thanks! Yes, this is very concerning, and those assets need to be removed from there right now.

Giusgad, please remove those assets from your open source project as soon as possible and let me know when you have done so.

Yes sorry for not telling you, I already did it yesterday, I apologize again for my mistake I'm truly sorry

Thanks! You are a good person :) Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you with your project.

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